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Non Woven Tote Bags
Popular Tote Bag Popular Tote Bag Popular Tote Bag

As low as $0.880

Small Tote Bag Small Tote Bag Small Tote Bag

As low as $1.050

Medium Grocery Tote Bag Medium Grocery Tote Bag

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Large Grocery Tote Bag Large Grocery Tote Bag

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Shopper Tote Bag Shopper Tote Bag

As low as $1.050

Customizable Non Woven Tote Bags

The durable polypropylene fabrics our quality non-woven polypropylene bags are manufactured with are engineered instead of being weaved or knitted, usually with single use or very durable, often recycled, fabrics. This bag is very economical; perfect for use as a reusable trendy gift or a promotional bag. These bags come in a variety of multiple neon colors black, lime green, yellow, blue and orange. This tote is perfect for daily reusing; for grocery bags, beach totes, other multipurpose activities. This tote is a staple piece for any event you’re planning. 

  • Made From 80 GSM Non Woven
  • Water-resistant Polypropylene